Dream, Spirit, Dream, Soul

The spirit dies right along with the dreams 

The spirit gives up all life when the dreams dissappear 

Lord where are my desires but to only serve you? But your word says to worship you and you will give me the desires of mine heart… How can I have two hearts? I want but one heart and for it it be filled with everything beautiful. 

Search my every fibers and present to me where there is much need of rearrange and I will work it out, otherwise help me find and envision an obtainable dream within the reaches of my fingertips… 

I fear my light and fire may burn out and extinguish itself from lack of soul soothing anecdotes, spirit-less jargon filling up the empty spaces and trashing over the beautiful places. My soul feels messy, it feels out of sorts, into a twisted wind of spiraling into nowhere. 

A junked up spirit is what I’ve attained, always trying to travel the right road and ending up on the wrong path taking a slight wrong turn or pulling a complete U-y  

My soul has endured much pain it is quite battered up and beaten needing help in restoration for all the length of my life

The spirit is dying when dreams are fading 

The dreams motivate the spirit and when motivation is lost you will find a soul with extinguished dreams 

The higher the spirit filled with dreams the longer the fall when they’ve diminished.  


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