Gift of speaking, I have not 

I could be a freakin public/socializing-speaking genius if I could speak well and I wouldn’t be so misunderstood all the time, but no, these beautiful words and thoughts stay trapped in my brain.

I’ve been called an enigma, I’ve been described in ways that I know is not who I truly am, people rarely see into the true me, because my actions have rarely expressed my intelligence, my thoughts rarely make it out of my mouth and if they do they’re so discombobulated I sound the opposite of knowing what I’m talking about. I suppose writing is the only way I can communicate and make some sort of sense to others. 

I wish I could speak well. That is a gift I was not blessed with…  


Protest evolution 

As a 32 year old, obviously I have no idea what the last time was like when American citizens were in an uproar and protesting…. I really would love to hear from the people who lived through the Vietnam era and how does today’s protests/rioting compare and/or differ ……