On the road again!

There is nothing in this world that makes me feel more free than traveling !!

Even as a young child, I never minded the long 1,000 + mile trips to Florida. The long never-ending drives through Georgia or Alabama, didn’t really bother me. Besides the occasional question,”Are we there yet?!” Lol Which is expected when you’re a kid, but I didn’t ask over and over and over and over like normal kids. I was quite content with the travel and sight seeing.

I’ll never forget the first time we stopped in Alabama to see the space shuttle, I was about eight years old. I was quite mesmerized at the size of it, and best of all, it was something I had never seen before or experienced! I was thrilled just to be along for the ride!

And now at the age of 32, I still feel the same way. It is a true therapy for me. Traveling is in my DNA and I aspire to one day, travel the world! Now if only I get over my fear of flying, oh yea and make lots of money so I can travel.. (I think it’s pretty much a requirement) … Lol