Bio: I'm here to write. I'm here to support and inspire other writers, who have been down the potholed and broken road of life as I have. I've suffered enough trauma for a handful of lifetimes, but I'm still standing, thanks be to God who has carried me through it all. The Lord God, Jesus is my Father, best friend, and deliverer. Without him I'd not have survived... I love Art of any kind but have a passion for photography. A Jacqueline of all trades, master of none. Writing is my second passion and I hope that people will find them interesting and inspire others to think outside the box, but never to forget to open their hearts.... God loved us before when we were yet sinners. Have compassion for others.... Remember we were all made in Gods image and God loves us all the same.... The greatest commandment is to love each other.... If you have not accepted Jesus as your personal savior, please do it today, for tomorrow is not promised, eternity is forever, this life is not, it will end and your soul will go on.... Send it somewhere safe

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