I’m almost finished with this show on Netflix called AD Kingdom and Empire. It’s about the continuation of Jesus’ ministry through the apostles and what they had to face. It’s pretty good, there’s only 1 season and about 12 episodes and it’s from 2015, so I don’t know if there are more to come or if it is one of those shows that just didn’t quite get the ratings and support it needed to go on. There are plenty of moments of pretty bad acting but the story line, the real life twist to it and the characters, all seem to somehow mesh really well together and make it work and you can look past the bad acting to stay fixated on the show.

It got me thinking today while driving home from grocery shopping, I don’t know why but I am one of those people who doesn’t talk much while driving…. so, I think instead….

Anyway, I was thinking about how it must have been harder for the men in some ways that I as a woman would not want to have to deal with. I pictured myself in that time and figured, it probably wasn’t as hard for the women to stay out of the Romans and the pharisee’s way, to avoid being killed! Woman back then were naturally in the shadows anyway because of the culture. Men on the other hand (most of the apostles anyway) felt the natural passion of Christ; to go out and proclaim Jesus’ way, and at the same time wondering when their number will be up just because someone felt like killing a jew or a Jesus follower that day.

We don’t really know how many men and women were killed for Jesus’ sake, but we know it was a slaughter, and I’m willing to bet that there were more men than women killed over it. It is a heart wrenching thought to think about, men who loved Jesus so much they were willing to die for proclaiming their faith. I’m sure women shared their faith through talking too, but we as women have a gift of sharing the faith through more subtle ways as well….

Today, my husband noticed a magnet on the fridge, (its been there for 4 weeks) that had the whole proverbs 31 chapter on it. I heard him call from the kitchen “Honey! What’s Proverbs 31?” I walked in and told him it was a chapter in the bible dedicated to women. He said, “Oh…. well i like this one,” and pointed to the verse that says, -leave off with the complaining- we laughed. Lord knows I could do less complaining….. But I won’t admit that to my husband 😉

I usually don’t get offended over commands in the bible, but at that moment I felt mad that us women have a whole chapter in bible dedicated to us and men could so easily pick that scripture out of the bible and use it against us or out of context or even, rightly so, exactly to the point of what it means. I thought, how unfair! As if life for us isn’t hard enough, God gave men a whole chapter to hold against us!!! I wasn’t a happy camper for a while. And then something (more likely God Himself) clicked and my soul and mind felt sorry for men and i felt bad for the way I had thought and felt earlier. I thought, well, we might have a whole chapter dedicated to us but there is a lot more aimed at men in the bible and a lot of responsibility on their shoulders as Christ followers, as well. Then I was thinking about how in the days after Jesus’ ministry, there were so many men killed, you don’t hear about the slaughter of the women, just mostly men. This made me feel even more bad. Ugh, to think I had thrown such a stupid tantrum earlier… But we are constantly being humbled by our Lord, and this incident is my most recent encounter with being taught by Him,

……………………………………………the greatest teacher of all…………………………………………………….

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