The depth of your love 

I will never know. It is so deep that it never ends.
I long to know why you would love such a sinner? Why would you want me in your presence? Why would you want me?
For this wicked heart you died and conquered death so I could be saved.
You sacrificed your life for me, this fleshly worldly heart that sins against thee over and over.
How can I even begin to know your love when it is so overwhelmingly evident that here on earth I will never be able to feel the deepest part of your love;
The richness of your love is unreachable for me
In this earthen body I am separated from you.
I thank God for your Holy Spirit that I may be able to sense even a drop of your being.
Describing you is like trying to grab water, when you think you’ve got it, it slips through and you become indescribable again.
All the beauty that we can experience will never measure up to the realm of which you are in.
Words are futile trying to describe you.
I could try for a thousand years and never be able to put all the pieces of your love for me together.
I cry tears of awe and joy and shame and gratefulness thinking about how you put yourself through torture for me, the one who can never give you the same amount of love in return. The unconditional love you have for me, there are no words, yet I still try to describe your love, your love is truly immeasurable…
I’m overwhelmed
I’m in awe
I’m in love
I’m in pieces
I’m shaken
I’m grounded
I’m understood
I’m loved
By You
I wish I could give you more, but all that I can give you, is all yours to have
my best friend, my father, my protector, my healer, my maker, my teacher, my guide, my everything
Make me better, make me more like you, make me have your heart and your eyes and your spirit and your love
You have the keys to my heart through your song of love

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