Light Another Candle

Light another candle

Say another prayer

Place some more flowers at the crime scene

Tell the world we are actually safe

Lie after lie after lie after lie after lie

I suppose as long as they show empathy for the victims all is well, right? Ha!!! I laugh at the thought of how stupid Democratic liberals have become. 

No standards.

The sky is the limit. 

Rules and laws are considered oppression. 

I can do whatever I want no matter who it hurts. 

Righteous anger against illegal aliens is blasphemy.

Freedom of speech means I can say whatever I want and consequences from those words or actions are suppression of my freedom. 

People have lost all sense of COMMON SENSE.

Common sense is losing its place among most people. As the saying goes, “why isn’t common sense more common?”.

Open immigration is a catastrophe. The lax on immigration laws and refugees isn’t even the issue anymore. Judges and lawyers are actually fighting against the rules of common sense immigration. Calling the laws racist, unempathetic, phobic, outdated, unconstitutional, and frothing at mouth with many more ridiculous lies.   

My concern is, will the madness stop, or is it only going to get worse? If things get better, then ok, we can ride it out, but if it gets worse

 God help us….

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