People Are Asleep

Why are people not listening ?? Why are these people having to be slaughtered before their very eyes and they still look the other way? They still deny reality.

“Let them in!” They chant, “Christians for Muslims” they write on their poster boards, “We support refugees”, as if to spin it so that they are the only ones who feel bad for people trying to flee oppression. 

I am sick and tired of this rhetoric that if you want to protect your country then you are a racist. You are an islamiphobe 

People need to WAKE UP! The peace loving hippie liberals need to shut up and listen for once, they’re so busy preaching love and peace they can’t see the forest for the trees! 

Peace and love are great, but let’s be real here, there cannot be total love and peace on this planet!!! If you believe that and you are an adult then you need to emotionally grow up! You’re stuck in an adolescent way of thinking….. there is evil on this planet and guess what evil wants to do, it wants to KILL you, it wants to destroy you, it lives in people, and therefore we cannot have a kumbaya lovey-dovey society. There is NO chance of a utopian society anywhere on this planet.

People are asleep  

People do not want to see the evil for what it is. They make excuses for the evil that rapes and pillages, saying “they don’t have enough jobs and education, we need to be patient with them and help them assimilate.” 


Our last president was a ISLAMIC SYMPATHISER!!!! If you can’t see that, then I pray for your spiritual eyes, because you are completely blind and need help with seeing reality. Our last president wanted to fundamentally transform America. Why would you want to fundamentally transform freedom?? I’ll tell you why, because you want the opposite, what’s the opposite of freedom? I’ll tell you, it’s oppression of the body and mind, and imprisonment of the spirit. It’s total control and one world order. 

An American was killed yesterday in London, traveling with his wife for their 25th anniversary, and now his wife will forever have that as her celebration memory. An American was uselessly slaughtered and I AM ANGRY. I’m beyond angry. I am beyond furious. There are no words to describe how angry I am. I can only try and describe how I feel. I have had it with the complacency of our people. I have had it with the blind leading the blind. I have had it with the protestors thinking they are doing something good for humanity and they’re actually causing the opposite. I’ve had it with these so called leader celebrities chanting that they are proud to be nasty women. YOU ARE NOT A CHAMPION FOR WOMEN!!!! If you were you would be campaigning against what women have to go through in the Muslim communities. You would be championing for the oppressed and the women and children who are bought and sold into the sex slave business, which is alive and well and happening right here in the USA, in case you weren’t aware. If you were a champion for women you wouldn’t be making excuses for Islam. If you were a champion for freedom of religion you wouldn’t sit quietly while Christians prayer is being taken away from schools. If you were a champion for human rights you wouldn’t be ok with letting the total opposite, take over our country.

WAKE UP!!!!!

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