Eye of the storm … I don’t fail, I learn… 

The song by Ryan Stevenson, Eye of the Storm, has been playing exactly when I need it lately. Lord knows my whole life has felt like a storm, so I am so thankful for Christian music… There have been many times songs have came on that hit an arrow straight through the issue and helped me feel more comforted. 

Lord how I wish that I could feel your presence more often. The scriptures that talk about, knowing the Lord is always with you and will never forsake you, are not always comforting (as much as I hate to admit that). 

Being such a passionate spirit is huge a struggle. 

I have these big ideas to help people and they often get crushed by other people pushing back… I only want to help better things and people and situations and most people seem to be put off by my enthusiasm as if I’m trying to take over their “positions” or “leadership”… It’s really upsetting and discouraging when all you’re trying to do is help by sharing the wonderful gift of insight that I’ve been blessed with… People don’t want change, they don’t like change and especially if you’re not in the elite or hierarchy class then your ideas are not welcomed. 

These issues have partly to do with one of my recent blogs about church…? To stay or not to stay… People are people, I get that. We get offended, we get our egos hurt, we’re afraid of losing power or control, yes, yes, yes! But there’s a time to grow up and get over it and it seems most Christians can’t even have an adult conversation or critique situations that could make things better. 

I wish I could start a church, even if it didn’t work out, at least I’d learn something and say I tried… If it did flourish I’d share my successful God given ideas with anyone who wanted to do the same or hear how I did it… 

I’m pretty much a learn as you go type of person…. There’s a little bit of planning involved but not so much that if we don’t follow the guidelines and plans and blueprints then everything’s gonna fall apart!!! What’s the point and and where’s the joy in that?!

Get together, sing unto the Lord, learn the Word and fellowship and eat…. These simple guide lines would get us much farther in our spiritual walks and relationships with each other than what we have going on now…. 

Some people love their church building, and place of fellow believers, I’ve been there too, and guess what, every time, it ends in the pastor and other leaders being shady… Not that all places are like this, but I believe it’s growing to be like this more often than not and it saddens me…. 

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