Spirit craving

You know those times when you get a craving for something, but you don’t know what it is? So you snack and pick on food and drink something until hopefully you find something that hits the spot?

Well do you also identify with those same cravings, only they are of the spirit ?

You don’t know what it is you want or need you just know the craving is there. Your spirit needs something but you don’t know how to find it or figure it out. You’re longing for something; something deep, something that will fill this void or this desire, this craving….

Then you start to question, is it lack of love? spirituality? excitement? change? newness? something beautiful? Am I just overloaded with stress? Yes, always. What am I doing, or not doing? Why is this aching in my spirit about to overcome me? Tell me what it is so that I can fix it. God tell me something. Where can I go? What can I do? There is something that I need to have or do.

 But what?

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