Carefully Prayerful 

Recently, I’ve learned more than ever, to be careful what you pray for. 

I’ve learned the power of prayer is Awesome, Powerful and somewhat Scary! 

Over the last several months, I’ve been praying for God to get me closer to him, for God to help my family get closer and for our church family to get closer. All have to do with growing closer relationally. Boy did I not think that one through. Ever since then, there’s been tragedy, turmoil, trauma, trials, heartbreak and confrontations. Whew! Did I not know what I was in for!!!! 

Most of us know, that if you work through the trials correctly, steps which include; Leaning on and Trusting in God, Following His guidance and Being Obedient, then you will come through the storm stronger in faith, have a deeper relationship with God and more confident in our Savior Jesus and Lord willing, closer to those people in whom you were praying for.  

So, lesson learned, be careful what you pray for because you will probably get it and most definitely hardly ever in the form that you think it will be. 

On a positive note, there is no greater blessing than growing closer to God and having a deeper walk with Jesus …. 

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