Gypsy Red

Gypsy red, felt in her soul; every fiber of thy being arose from it. An anger a fear that can be defined with no words.
It was gypsy red that her soul bled after seeing that face. A face of eyes, a black hole, that within held no soul.
The past of old gritting thy subconscious as if to render me unconscious of current reality. Stagnancy ailing her forth going.
The silent sounds. Not spiritually unaided. Fleshly attached; Mental a stone.
She saw the snowman in the dark, lighting from red to blue to purple. Reminding her of a spirit far from home.
Two beauteous souls, lying close, changing her mood from maroon to red, tailed by a pink of love that merely emanated from beyond.
Feeling of a fool, O’ how she wanted to rid of it. Only wanting love, acceptance and appreciation for her heart.
Am I of divination, of course, premonitory dreams and intuition beyond the seams?
Belief in oneself to make it through to the other side, the other side of this life, there is deeper than the surface, there is more than meets the eye,
There is so much more to feel than we can touch.

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