Solitude vs. Isolation

The word solitude seems to have a depressing feeling attached to it for lots of people.

For me, solitude brings a peaceful, healing feeling!

I suppose this has something to do with the introverted/extroverted type of personalities. Me, being an introvert, I actually need times of solitude in my life. It helps me get focused and get re-energized. Being around people is actually quite exhausting for me, just as the Vitamin D from the sun is re-energizing, so is being alone to just be with the silence. 

There is a limit on how much “alone time” I can handle though. Being alone too much for too long is depressing and brings on melancholia. When I start to notice these feelings then I know that I need to reach out and be around other people. 

Don’t get me wrong, just because I feel stressed by being around too many people for too long doesn’t mean I dislike them, it’s just that the actual exchange of human thoughts, words, emotions and energies are physically and mentally exhausting for me. Since I tend to take on all of another person’s energy it wears me down and I need to step away for a moment. It can be like nails on a chalkboard after so long. 

I enjoy reading studies about introverts and extroverts! It’s really quite amazing what studies have discovered and it has helped me put a name to the things that make me different from others! 

Here is a link that is quite interesting and makes much sense, to me!

Isolation on the other hand, to me, speaks of a time when you are put in a place against your will or because of a punishment. It isn’t something you are trying to do to regain some sort of positive emotion or control. 

Isolation, to me, says something negative. Being and feeling alone when that’s not what you want to feel and can’t figure out how to get away from it. 

For lack of a pic of my own at the moment, here is an image I found online that says isolation to me:

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