Vitamin Poetry

~ In the midst of pain or sadness I find that poetry or writing has been the most therapeutic option for me. Yet somehow when I go back and read later what I wrote before, I am not moved by it. I actually tend to wince at it and think it sounds silly.

I love to write although I haven’t done a lot of it. Most of what I would like to write about just stays in my head and keeps churning and turning in my mind. Usually I end up thinking about it so long that it ends up not motivating me anymore and then I move on to the next bothersome subject. This has become sort of an unhealthy habit, putting my families needs before my own. I really should take more time out for myself, yet time-management is probably my biggest weakness, oh and being tired.

I read a sentence the other day that resonated with me; it said something to the like of -writers tend to look like lions who lay around in the sun warming their bellies- (this is as close to the exact words as I can remember) yet it stuck out to me and made me realize that I am like that. But look out when I have something to write because it flows like a Hawaiian waterfall and it is absolutely refreshing and beautiful. Even if just to me. (Yes sometimes the things I write even tend to impress myself.)

When I write it feels like I have recharged and re-energized my soul. I feel so good afterwards when I get it right and the words flow from my brain to paper without much stumbling. This doesn’t come very often however and is likened to a vitamin. I can’t do it once in a while and expect to get better at it. Just like a vitamin. You can’t take one once in a while and expect its benefits to continue. However, this poses another problem since my memory serves little purpose in helping me remember to take the vitamin every day and make it into a habit. If only I could get my vitamin supplements then maybe my feelings would start to feel like the glass is half full and sparkling.

Now… How about them Colts?

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